Specialising in the design, fabrication and supply of
tapered insulation systems

Building Innovation offer an unrivalled and complete tapered insulation service, from initial consultation, survey, system design and calculation, to site delivery and post sales support. The majority of schemes designed and delivered are warm flat roofs, however Building Innovation also specialise in tapered insulation within terraces, landscaping, access ramps and car parks.

Why tapered insulation?

A flat roof should never be truly flat. Falls should be incorporated into the roof to ensure sufficient water channelling and drainage to avoid standing water or ponding. If the roof fall cannot be provided within the structure then the provision of a fall within a warm deck flat roof is normally achieved in one of three ways: tapered insulation, timber firrings under a plywood base, or screed laid to falls. Independent studies have assessed both the cost and speed of each method. Compared with the other methods, tapered insulation offers many advantages.

Which insulation material?

No single generic insulation type excels on all technical or commercial criteria. Building Innovation design tapered insulation solutions utilising a wide range of product types, either independently or as part of hybrid solutions.

  • Design, Fabrication and Supply of Tapered Insulation Systems
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