The ASPIRE Solution

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No one insulation type excels in all areas of performance. The ASPIRE Solution unites a tapered Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) base layer with a flat polyisocyanurate (PIR) top layer. The solution delivers an excellent combination of versatility and cost-effectiveness, making it a popular choice for both new and refurbished flat roofs.

The ASPIRE Solution utilises tapered EPS 150E insulation to create the required falls, over which a rigid PIR insulation layer is either fully adhered or mechanically fixed, and receives the waterproofing system. The ASPIRE solution is suitable for use with metal, concrete or timber roof decks – eliminating the requirement for other means of creating a fall such as structural falls, timber firings or screed laid to falls.

Product Information

  Method Foil faced PIR Tissue faced PIR EPS 150E
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) BS EN 12667 0.022 0.027 = 25 to 79mm
0.025 = 80 to 119mm
0.024 = 120 to 200mm
Compressive strength at 10% compression (kPa) BS EN 826 150 150 150
Available thickness (mm) - 25 to 200 25 to 200 20 to 600
Water vapour resistance (MNs/g) BS EN 12086: B 100 40 >238
External fire exposure BS 476-3 The ASPIRE Solution achieves Ext FAC*
(*build up tested: polyester-reinforced PVC single ply roofing membrane fixed to system of EPS and foil faced PIR on a plywood deck)

Other bespoke hybrid solutions are available –  Building Innovation can advise on appropriate systems to meet the specific requirements of your project.  Please speak to the design office to discuss your project, or complete our Tapered Insulation enquiry form.
  • High thermal performance to thickness ratio
  • Precision factory cut to any fall, profile or board dimension
  • Compatible with single-ply, bituminous and liquid applied waterproofing systems
  • Quick and simple installation – ideal for fast track construction
  • Option to use large format boards allows easier handling, faster installation and fewer joints for improved aesthetics
  • Pre-formed valleys and hips are available to assist installation and minimise site waste
  • Can achieve Ext FAC when tested to BS476: Part 3
  • Cost effective solution
  • Available in pre-bonded units
  • Recognised and approved by major waterproofing manufacturers

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