Inno-Fix & Inno-Fix Tapered Insulation



Inno-Fix is available in both flat and tapered boards, for use on new roofs, refurbished roofs or for upgrading the thermal performance of existing roofs.

It is suitable for use with mechanically fixed single-ply waterproofing membranes on concrete, timber or metal decks. 

Inno-Fix comprises a fibre-free rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core with aluminium foil composite facing to both sides.


Inno-Fix DoP (UK DoP) 002 Jan 22

Inno-Fix Tapered DoP (UK DoP) 002 Jan 22

Inno-Fix Datasheet

Product Information

  Small format flat boards Large format flat boards Tapered boards
Width 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Length 1200mm 2400mm 1200mm
Thickness 30 - 120mm* 30-150mm* 30-110mm
Area 1.44m² 2.88m² 1.44m²
*Greater thicknesses may be achieved with two layers of insulation boards.

Thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity (lambda/λ-value) of the insulation is 0.022 W/m·K.
Inno PIR flat or tapered insulation boards suit many project requirements due to their long list of benefits:
  • Excellent thermal performance – meet Building Regulations with minimal thickness
  • Rigid boards are easy to transport, cut and install
  • Lightweight boards do not weigh down the structure
  • Factory pre-mitred hips and valleys help aid water drainage to outlets
  • Durable, resilient boards provide an insulation that will last the lifetime of the building – no need to replace
  • Easily accepts waterproofing systems

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