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Tapered roofing specialists

Established in 2004, Building Innovation has been providing the industry with specialist tapered and flat roof insulation solutions for almost two decades. Whether you are an architect, contractor or waterproofing system manufacturer, we support all our customers through the full process— from the detailed surveys and calculations, to the system design, to site delivery and beyond. The majority of our work is around warm roof applications; however, we have also delivered flat and tapered insulation solutions for terraces, landscaping works, access ramps and car parks on projects across the country.

Cutting out the middle man

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As an EcoTherm company, we have direct access to a full range of PIR flat roof insulation solutions. We also retain close working relationships with many of the other leading manufacturers covering a range of flat roof insulation options including mineral fibre, EPS and XPS.  This gives us a wealth of flat roof products and solutions to draw upon when designing and supplying our tapered and flat roofing schemes, allowing them to be tailored to your precise needs including hybrid insulation options.

Two-Day Promise

We know that delays making a roof weathertight can have serious impact on project costs and timetables, particularly on complex sites. For this reason, Building Innovation guarantee to turn around all our flat and tapered roof system designs within just two working days – keeping your projects on-track and on-cost.

Calculated, not estimated

Getting a flat roof right is vital and we take no chances. Every tapered roof insulation system we deliver is underpinned by our technical expertise. We work closely with our customers to undertake detailed surveys of the project, looking at design options for tapered roof insulation such as hips, falls and valleys, as well as considering what the waterproofing and insulation requirements are. We then use this information to design a detailed roofing scheme which offers the best possible solution for the project, both in terms of performance and cost.

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